Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Jessica Obrique

BAM! Just like that, week one of Art 110 is over. On the first day of class, I was given the privilege of meeting a classmate by the name of Jessica Obrique. When we first read out the question of the week, “Who is your favorite artist?,” we quickly glanced at each other with raised eyebrows and shrugged shoulders, for we had no real knowledge about any artist. However, we soon realized that an artist can mean so much more than a painter, sculptor, etc. For Jessica, her favorite artist is a Japanese animator that goes by the name of  Hayao Miyazaki. With photography as Jessica’s favorite hobby it is also safe to say that she is an artist herself!

Furthermore, I learned that she is a current resident of Long Beach, on her senior year, and is a Computer Science major. When I asked her how she is able to handle such a challenging major, she expressed how it isn’t too difficult once you’ve grasped the concept. In addition to that, she likes the idea of learning how to create something like software since it’s a very useful skill. Recently, she landed an internship with Northrop Grumman, a technology company. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity considering so many other internships turned her down. Having a positive attitude and being determined are traits that I really saw in her, so with that said, I really enjoyed meeting Jessica.


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