Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Location: Seal Beach, CA.

Arrival Time: 10:12 a.m.

Mornings are usually not my forte, so you could imagine how waking up early on a Saturday  was a little hard for me to do; however, the fact that I would be heading to the beach made up for it. Once I arrived I spotted a few others starting on the activity so I introduced myself and proceeded to dig my hole alongside them. I decided to make two holes just incase one went horribly wrong. As I finished them, two additional classmates joined in and we all got along almost instantaneously. After they caught up to me, we assisted each other in creating the mold of our hands, I chose the classic rock n’ roll sign as well as one with my fingers just spread out. The wet sand we poured into our holes seemed to hold up well so I continued to make the actual plaster. The process of making the plaster surprisingly went without a hitch, considering it was the part I was most nervous to do. I definitely did not want to do that part wrong. Once I got all the lumps in the plaster stirred out I quickly and successfully poured it into both of my molds. I even had enough to save my classmate, Sam, by giving her my extra plaster after she poured a little bit too much water into her’s.

While we waited for the plaster to dry, Sam, Raul, and I spent majority of our time closer to the waves picking up shells and watching Raul do one of his crazy flips. What was supposed to be a 30 minute wait for the plaster to dry ended up being a little over an hour as we lost track of time. However, it is not to say that losing track of time was a bad thing, for we gave time for the plaster to really set in as well as form a friendship between us three. Eventually, I dug out my molds and much to my chagrin my rock n’ roll one did not quite come out as plan, for it resembled a deformed lama more than anything else. On the bright side, my other mold of my hand came out beautifully. This made me really glad that I took precaution and made two holes. (Prior experience has taught me that it is sometimes hard to get things on the very first try.) After, I did the final touch of dusting off the excess sand and VOILÀ they were done!

If I were to change anything to the process of making the molds, I would get a bit more creative with it. For instance, I could of experimented with making one out my foot OR possibly dig a bigger hole and do one out of my whole arm. I feel like taking risks should be a major component in art, whether it is with an activity like this or one that takes more dedication. Either way, I am proud of the work I did and how fun and smoothly the process went.

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