Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Leslie Meza

This week I was given the pleasure to meet Leslie Meza, a 3rd year transfer student. She is originally from Huntington Park and is one of the first of her family of nine to attend a university. She is currently majoring in criminal justice, but is strongly considering changing it to psychology. However, either one will do justice (no pun intended), considering they both can be deemed useful for the career path she has in mind. Leslie is determined to enter the police force and she even has given herself the opportunity to get her foot in the door, for, as of right now, she is a cadet working at the police station in her city. Although she doesn’t necessarily enjoy the amount of reports she has to fill, she knows it’s part of the experience. I give her major props for doing whatever she can to reach her goal.

When I asked her the question of the week,”What type of art has had the most influence on where you are today,” she had a very relatable response. She stated that music, especially songs about love, influence her because they make her question relationships. For instance, love songs make her wonder if true love actually exists.

P.S. She also really likes snapchat filters. (:



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