Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Alvaro A.S.F.

Artist: Alvaro A.S.F

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Sculpture, Installation

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Email: arturo830@gmail.com

Website: N/A (in progress)

Instagram: N/A (doesn’t have one)

CSULB undergraduate Alvaro A.S.F. is working toward his BFA degree in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. As a young child who moved to the United States from Guatemala, Alvaro has always been known to have an artistic side to him. This eventually lead him to want to explore art further and be one of the first in his family to attend a university. Although his family did not understand how he could make a living as an artist, they are coming around as they become more aware of what can come out of it. Alvaro has aspirations of using his BFA degree to become an art teacher; however, he wishes to teach in a way that allows his future students to not feel the need to conform to traditional art techniques and forms.

Each component in Alvaro’s installation pieces complimented each other. The first part was a large tarp-like material painted fully with white acrylic paint. On top of the tarp were pieces of his clothing; a literal take to putting a piece of himself in his artwork. To connect this part to his other similar, more colorful tarp, he added a paint tray with an assortment of colors still mixed in it. That other tarp has almost the exact same aspects as the white piece, except movement and life is put into it by the addition of elevated, twisting wire and colorful, splattered acrylic paint on top of the black based tarp. However, the main focus of the installation was the seven minute long video that was projected on an open wall to showcase the artist in the process of painting the more colorful tarp. In it, he uses his whole body to splatter the different vibrant colors as a form of responding to the classical music playing in the background.

The art installation Alvaro created is just as its name suggest, a response to classical music. His motive to presenting his response was not to put forth a performance, but to show audiences merely himself exploring the sounds of  classical music with an expressive, artistic take to it. Thus, with three hours of sleep within a three day period, Alvaro fell into a trance-like state to Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture in hopes of finding  a new experience and language through his body’s response to it. In addition, his sculpture painting pieces were meant to show the transition between before the response was produced and after.

To me, Alvaro had much meaning behind his work. For instance, the pieces of clothing on both tarps not only put a piece of himself in his artwork, but also represented the change he went through. The white piece can be seen as the blank canvas that Alvaro was before his response, for he had not truly explored classical music before this project. Thus, considering how music, especially classical music with all its sounds, can make an eye-opening impact on people it became clear to me that Alvaro was greatly amongst those type of people.  It was something in his final result piece, maybe the spontaneity in the colorful paint, that made me believe that. Music plays a major role in my everyday life, so it was nice to see an extension of love for music in his art. Overall, his installation was refreshing to me, for it was a break from the traditional type of art that I often see.



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