Wk5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

Location: Venice Beach, California

Weather: Hot, Hot, Hot

Considering parking right next to Venice Beach’s art walls was $15, I decided take the free route and park a couple blocks away from the beach. Much to my chagrin, it turned out to be a much longer walk than I expected and the hot sun didn’t do much in helping either. However, the majority of the walk was down a pathway filled with diverse artists selling their work and other obscure things like being able to have a giant snake wrap around you for a few bucks. It was definitely an entertaining walk, which made it enjoyable.

Once we arrived to the art walls, I was left with the decision of picking a wall to cover . It was hard for me considering I felt bad going over someone else’s work, but it had to be done so I picked a spot that didn’t have much ‘artsy’ work on it. Once i finished tagging my name I realized that by the second letter I started to go smaller, for I was running out of space fairly quickly. Thus, a redo was in store. This time I picked a wall, estimated how big each letter should be and tagged my name diagonally. I was still not too content with my work, but I was somewhat proud of the tiny bit of improvement.

By experiencing graffiti writing, I gained a whole new respect for those who do graffiti art. I struggled to simply doing my name, so the fact that people can do beautiful and detailed writing and art with spray paint really amazes me now. There are a copious amount of techniques, skills, and practice needed that I never realized before.


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