Wk6 – Art Experience – Zines & Flip Books

With the option to do a zine or a flip book, I decided to explore my creativity with a flip book. In retrospect, a part of me chose doing a flip book because of a movie I recently watched. In the movie a guy did over 60 flip books about the various adventures his made-up character, Sophia, went on. Thus, I got inspired to do my flip book based on a real life adventure that I did. Now my adventure was a little bit on the rebellious side and probably not the most legal thing to do. However, when you’re young and bored you tend to do things with your friends that you later look back on and wonder, “what the heck were we thinking.” In my adventure, we gathered up old christmas trees that people left on their front yards and burned them in an empty parking lot. The bright side is that no one was harmed in both the burning of the christmas trees and the making of this flip book.

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