Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Bristol Paper, Foamcore

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @tiffuts

Website: N/A

CSULB undergraduate, Blaine Scot Prow, is working toward his BFA degree in the school of Art’s Graphic Design program. However, Prow didn’t always have graphic design in mind, for he first went into school with the idea of soon becoming a mechanical engineer. His love for math, specifically geometry, served as his foundation as to why he wanted to pursue this dream of his. Much to his surprise, the dream he thought he wanted soon faded away once he realized how much math actually went into it. Without a clear path as to what he wanted to study at this point as well as out-of-state fees hurting his bank account, he left his initial school, Arizona State University, and came back to California to continue his education at a community college in the Orange County area. He then took a break from school all together to pursue playing bass and making the graphic designs for t-shirts and stickers for his indie-rock band, Water District. When the time came, he finished up his general education at a community college in Santa Monica and then transferred to his final school of choice, California State University Long Beach. He’s been in and out of school for approximately ten years, but he shared that he doesn’t regret any of it, for it lead him to be where he is today.

Prow’s exhibition, Extrusions, utilized much of his knowledge in geometry to create different three dimensional shapes out of two dimensional shapes. With the use of white bristol paper, he was able to use an x-acto knife to cut out the figure he would need to make the three dimensional shape. The cut-out as well as the final shape from it were then transferred onto the black foamcore. The black in the background puts emphasis on the white three dimensional shape and that same style is carried on into all six pieces placed on the gallery’s walls.

Unlike many other art exhibitions, Extrusions, was not necessarily created to provoke meaning or make a profound statement. To Prow, it was simply a way to explore and share his love for geometric shapes. The purpose with adding the cut-out of what was to become the three dimensional shape was to showcase the idea that the artist found most interesting; the ability to see one flat, obscure-looking shape transform into a whole different three dimensional one. In fact, it was that relationship between two dimensional and three dimensional that initially made prow consider doing this as his first and probably only exhibition.

Prow’s artwork was simple and straight-forward, yet still inspiring to me in a way. Here is a guy who found something he is passionate about and did something about it to show people. Many people shy away from presenting their art or work because they think it may not be good or “artistic” enough. However, I believe the main purpose of it all is to be able to express yourself and your thoughts no matter how simplistic or complex they may be. Blaine Scot Prow did just that and I give him major kudos for it.



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