Wk8 -Art Experience – Sketching in the Japanese Garden

Location: CSULB Japanese Garden

Although I have been attending CSULB for a little over than a year, I have never actually visited the Japanese Garden that’s located on campus. Thus, a sense of excitement arose as the opportunity to do our art activity there came about. The garden was simple and small yet serene enough to escape from the stresses of school. Before I started sketching, I found the perfect spot right next to the pond filled with koi fish and ducks.

I always been a big doodler so the process of sketching came with little to no hesitation. Right off the back, the duck in front of me inspired me so I started off with that and it came out fairly well for a five minute drawing. The 10 30-seconds sketches definitely weren’t my best work and neither were the ones where I couldn’t look down at the paper, but I found myself oddly okay with that. The process of doing those were more relaxing considering that not much of a thought process had to be incorporated. It was the representational sketches that were my favorite because I shocked myself by getting a leaf I found to look crazy realistic.



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