Wk9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For my art care package, I chose the content to put in it with the statement of “the art of (something)” in mind. I did this because I wanted to base it off how anything can be art depending on how you view it. For instance, I chose to include my Coachella booklet that has all the names of artists who give their all for people’s listening pleasures to represent the art of music. This concept carries on to the little clay container from Cancun that represents the art of traveling, the droopy eyes glasses that represents the art of being silly, and the sugar mask that represents the art of taking care and indulging in yourself. I didn’t truly understand this concept until very recently and with it came the realization of how theres so much beauty in pretty much anything you consider art. Thus, I’ll be sending the care package (and a side note explaining the content) to my little cousin in Moreno Valley in hopes that she sees how life is full of beauty before the stresses of high school and eventually college try breaking her down.



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