Wk15 – Extra Credit – Feedback

Out of our 11 activities, I have to say that plaster casting, landscapes with corpse, and graffiti writing were my favorite. I say this because all three of those allowed me to do something that is a bit unorthodox when it comes to the traditional art I had previously knew only about. In addition, they all brought forth beach environments which I loved! Now, the three that I wasn’t too fond of were art care package, Instagram, and fiber art social network. Although I get the purpose behind them, they fell short in regards to creatively making personal and physical art that left me feeling proud in my work.

I believe the hybrid format worked perfectly. In a sense its the best of both worlds, for it calls for students to not only have to come to class once a week, but it also allows us to interact on a human connection instead of just online. In regards to the SOA galleries, I really learned to appreciate how much effort goes into someones piece of art. Before this art class, i was use to passively seeing the end product of an art piece and deciding simply whether i liked it or not. However, now I take into considering all of its aspects and am naturally more curious as to the actual physical and thought process that went into the work I am observing. Classmate conversations, which I first thought was tedious and slightly unnecessary, ended up turning out very beneficial for me. I socialized with the most people i have ever before in a single class while at CSULB as well as become more comfortable and relax in a college class because of it.

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